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'Denile' wins award at NAC'S STRUTT show

Posted Dec 3rd, 2013 in General

'Denile' wins award at NAC'S STRUTT show

Artists from Niagara and beyond showcased their talents at the 9th annual Niagara Artist Centre's Strutt Wearable Art Show. The show challenged artists to create designs on wearable canvasses using both traditional and non-traditional materials; the more creative the pieces, the better.

I heard about the STRUTT through my membership at NAC, and I knew it was something I had to take part in.

I love fashion and I work with metals, so it was a great opportunity to put those two things together and create something that I wouldn't normally do.

'Denile' combines metal washers, beads, chains and leather together to make a bikini-style outfit, which was created specifically for consideration in the Erotika category.

I chose that category because it's something unusual, and it inspired me to create a piece that was slightly edgy. It's something that wouldn't otherwise be worn but fits this section well.

The judges agreed and 'Denile' ended up taking home the Erotika award at the end of the night.

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Building on the inspiration from winning this award, I went on to create a number of other wearable metal art pieces, which I'm happy to share upon request.

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